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Can You Really Make Money Forex Trading in 2021?

Can You Really Make Money Forex Trading in 2021?

Welcome to 2021! This new year deserves a new perspective on how you can make money. In 2021, you should already broaden your mind so that you are not limited to the paradigm of converting your time for money, and instead becoming your own boss and taking total control of your resources.

Why forex trading in 2021?

Of course, one of the best ways to start is online trading. We highly recommend forex trading rather than stock trading because of the following reasons:

1. The forex market is a highly developed market

How many companies are there on Earth with public shares that are registered in the stock market? Probably in the range of hundreds. In contrast, forex market products — the worlds’ currencies — only amount to less than fifty. 

Yes, there are hundreds of countries around the world with their own unique currencies, but the most commonly traded currency pairs only amount to a few dozen. These pairs are made up of the USD, AUD, EUR, JPY, CHF, GBP and NZD. 

You may need several days to weeks in order to research a particular company before buying their shares. However, it won’t take long to understand the dynamics of each major currency pair, because every forex trader will focus their attention on just these groups of currencies. More information warrants better decision-making.

2. The forex market is more liquid than the stock market

Liquidity is the name of the game in the forex market. Whatever currency asset that you hold can still be used as legal tender. If you are an American and you traded your USD for GBP, you could still use that same GBP to buy something from the UK. But that isn’t the only advantage.

Most people think of trading as a series of “buying low and selling high”. However, it is possible to trade stocks and forex while the prices are falling. In other words, you can “borrow high, sell high, and return low” in both markets. This is called short selling, which is equally profitable. 

While you can short sell in both the stock and forex market, it is faster to “borrow money with money” than it is to borrow shares and return later. In time-sensitive trading, such as day trading, it is much relatively safer to trade currencies than stocks.

Join a community of traders at FBS

Although trading is an individual endeavour, you don’t have to be alone. Learn to trade and get the support you need as a beginner trader at FBS. This online forex trading platform has had a smooth record of satisfying thousands of traders for more than a decade. Get started with forex trading, a profitable business that anyone can try!


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