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How to Control Your Emotions while Forex Trading

It happens to the best of us. Whether in forex trading or in daily life, getting results that are below our expectations can push us to lose composure and become emotional.  Emotional thinking in some areas of life will not do much harm, but in forex trading it can be dangerous. In fact, many costly trades occur due to lack of restraint, poor discipline, and illogical thinking.  If you have become aware that you seem to have an emotional problem in your forex trading career, this short guide is for you. Follow these 3 tips on how to control your emotions while forex trading.   1. Do not obsess over each trade There is nothing wrong with checking to see how the trade is doing every once in a while. Unless you are a scalper or a day trader, there is no reason to monitor each trade every minute. Trust your strategy at the beginning of each opening, and remind yourself to take profit or stop loss at reasonable price levels (use these tools if it helps). 2. Don’t trade non-stop As a day tra